Costa Rica 1900s
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A photographic journey into Costa Rica between 1910-1940s. New pictures added on December 25, 2007

My Great Grandfather is sitting, while his son's work. My grandfather is the youngest.

This site is in memory of my mother's family Fernando Rudin Hefti, son of Juan Rudin Iselin, Professor and Astronomer who emigrated from Switzerland to Costa Rica. My great uncles Max and Alberto Rudin took hundreds of stereo photographs of Costa Rica in the early 1900's. I have scanned them and put them in some sort of order. I hope sharing these photos with historians and family will be of some help.

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I spent many days in the small farm house on this cliff at our family farm in Tivives. I brought my wife here on our honeymoon in 1974. It was to this farm my grandfather sent me to learn Spanish on my return to my homeland in 1960s, it was either learn Spanish or go hungry. Civilization has now reached this part of Costa Rica, never again will I ride the train from San Jose to the depot outside of our farm and ride horses for hours to reach the farm. Never again will I sit on a horse at sunset and watch the cattle silhouetted against the moon. Never again will I sit on the porch and read Tarzan paperback books by candlelight. Never again will I be so totally at peace with nature.

Richard H. Acrivos, Old Fort, North Carolina